Barry du Plooy


Barry is a man of many and varied interests. Since 1999 he has been involved in the mind, body, spirit arena and is qualified in a variety of healing and analytical modalities.

Amongst others, Barry is a certified NLP Practitioner,  Tera-Mai Seichem Reiki Master and a practitioner in Face Reading, Antaneea Massage Technique, Inner child and emotional work, Sensual and Gentle-touch healing massage, and managing your thoughts, and uses all of this knowledge in his practice as a Life Coach & Counsellor.

Barry regularly presents workshops, seminars, talks and training courses on a wide variety of topics in Cape Town and surrounds. 

Regular topics presented include, but are not limited to:

– Understanding your body
– Understanding relationships
– About boundaries and learning to say no
– Consent and the importance of communication
Medical intuition
– Managing your Thinking
– Understanding the role of illness, injury and imbalance in the body
– Letting go – our greatest challenge
– Parenting
– Family and relationship dynamics
– Career guidance (and subject choices)

Barry is a nurturer and is passionate about working with people to help them to discover their true potential.

He works closely with mothers wanting to better understand their children (and hubby) and the relationship dynamics at play within the family unit. He helps them to establish a child management plan tailored to handle the sensitivities and challenges of each child.

For the past 12 years he has been working very successfully with women who are out of touch with their bodies and their sexuality.

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December 2023